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16 October 2010 @ 23:58
catching afternoon light  

[OT from cottage renovations]

This afternoon's light provided more than enough excuse for a walk around. 

Woodward Park

This ginkgo is just starting to turn. 

Ginkgo biloba

Upper field

This week the Grove secured ownership of the upper field, wrapping up several years of struggle and litigation.  Next to the preserved portion, in a part upon which construction will soon begin, stands this tree (it has appeared in this space before).  The development plan calls for its preservation, as part of which the vines by which it was surrounded have been cleared away, affording a newly unobstructed prospect. 

Lower field

With one corner already carved and paved for a useless new highway the lower field has already fared worse than the upper meadow, and its future is even more bleak.  That which has been planned for it has not yet come to pass, though, so it is still worth a visit. 

Bidens aristosa

The middle of October is not too late to catch the Bearded beggartick in bloom, turning up here as part of a found bouquet. 

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